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Manufacturing Services


C & B Technology is conscious of the high cost of new installation and repairs, and of the limited supply of qualified contractors that have the expertise to provide quality services at more competitive rates. 

C & B Technology’s reputation and experience in the highly specialized weapons handling systems and watertight hatches are recognized throughout the federal community.  We also have expertise in torpedo tube load line and shipping line optical alignment.  CBT’s relative experience in providing high level technical and engineering services in the field of submarine weapons, launcher and handling systems has been extensive.

C & B Technology manufactures or provides technical services for the following:

Submarine Torpedo Tubes

  • Hydraulic Component Repairs
  • Shutter Door Repairs Muzzle Door Adjustments
  • Sea Water Gaskets and Seals
  • Stop Bolt Repairs/Alignment
  • Ordalt/Shipalt Installations
  • Vertical Launcher System Repairs

Optical Alignment

  • Torpedo Tube Loadline and Roller Repair
  • Shipping Line Repair
  • Torpedo Tube Repair
  • Ejection Pump Air Cylinder Alignment
  • Ejection Pump Water Cylinder Alignment
  • Submarine Mast and Periscope Alignment
  • Manufacturing of Alignment Tools

Torpedo Ejection Pump

  • System Overhaul
  • Valve Repair and Adjustment
  • Component Repair
  • Sea Water Seals/Packings
  • Technical Evaluations
  • Ordalt Installations

Signal Ejection Devices

  • Muzzle Ball Valve Replacement
  • Hydraulic/Air Systems Repairs
  • Firing Valve Repair
  • Shipalts
  • System Overhauls
  • Electronic Systems Repairs

Trim And Drain System Repairs

  • Piping Repairs
  • Mechanical Joint Repairs
  • Valve Repairs
  • System Testing/Evaluations

Submarine Watertight Hatch

  • Provide certified welders
  • Matching of Hatch Seat
  • Hatch Lug Machining
  • Complete Disassembly and Assembly of Hatch Components

Submarine Shipboard Repair and installations

  • Main Ballast Tank Vent Valves and Operators
  • Anchor System
  • Sail Mast and Periscope Installations and Repairs
  • Trash Ejectors
  • Hovering System
  • Sonar Hydrophones
  • Components Foundation Installation
  • Research and Development

Submarine Shutter and Muzzle Doors

  • Acoustical Testing
  • Torpedo Tube Component Shock Testing
  • Air Over Water Torpedo Ejection System
  • Torpedo Tube Ejection Pump Ram Quieting Tests